$50 loan instant you one of the many Aussie small business owners? Then this product is

$50 loan instant you one of the many Aussie small business owners? Then this product is

Are you one of the many Aussie small business owners? Then this product is for you. Commercial lending has many benefits : Lower interest rates & Tax deductable. If you need a new work ute or car then Loantec has the products for you.


Any business asset from all the way from a camera to a massive gym fit out, even planes and helicopters. If you own a business and need funds for ANY purpose, even to pay a tax debt or inventory then speak to us. Australia wide.


Need fast cash for an emergency, if you’re working and have clean credit in some cases we can get you up to $50k in the same day. Ask us how. low Interest unsecured loans throughout Australia


Old cars, new cars, cars for business, cars for pleasure, prestige, classic cars and imports, every lender has their own appetite and what one lender will finance will be totally different to another. Low Interest rates Australia Wide.


With one easy application, you could combine your debts into a simple, fixed-interest loan that’s tailored to your needs, lifestyle and budget. With 10 different lenders in this space and industry leading interest rates what could be better?


Do you run your own business? Need machinery, plants and/or equipment to take your business to the next level? No matter what your circumstances are, when it comes to getting you equipment finance, we can.

To make an informed Finance decision, you need a factual option

Fast Approvals

Fast Solutions


Your needs may require some custom solutions, our experienced finance technicians always think outside the box to customize to our clients specific requirements.


Financials or tax returns are not required for most equipment types up to $500,000 when being purchased for predominant business purposes. You may be approved for low doc finance even if you are: 1. A new Venture 2. A none home owner 3. Unable to provide proof of income including current tax returns or financial statements 4. Minor default on your credit report file *A low doc equipment loan is a facility to purchase equipment without the need to provide any financial data. This product is not available to all clients and conditions apply to be eligible for these products. Assets that can be financed under a low doc facility include cars, utilities, vans, online installment MO motorbikes, commercial trucks, trailers, commercial machinery, excavators, diggers.


Whether you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle yourself or a fleet of vehicles through your business, our expert finance managers are well equipped to assist you with all your needs.

Here at Loantec, we are not only experts at sourcing you a competitive finance package in the market, with our years of experience & contacts across the entire country we have the ability to source you a quality vehicle at the very competitive price, sometimes wholesale or even better.

We can also include the cost of a custom wheel & tyre package or aftermarket protection bundled into the one easy repayment. So, if you are looking for that custom look that stands out from the rest then make sure you talk to us now.


Do you need cash for a holiday, some home renovations or debt consolidation? Why go to a bank who have a very limited number of products with very strict lending guidelines.

Here at Loantec we have many different options available to find the product that best suits your needs and budget.

Unsecured personal loans do generally inflict a higher interest rate than your secured loan types.

However, we have products where you can utilise current assets you own as security over the loan, this giving you a lower interest rate.

We also have access to a market leading products with some of the lowest interest rates in Australia.


Are you purchasing a property and require funds to contribute toward the purchaser (GAP).

Here at Loantec have access to one of the only products in Australia that allows you to borrow funds for this exact purpose.This product is an industry leader and one of its kind in Australia with very competitive interest rates. A recent scenario is we had a client that required an additional $40,000 to make up the remainder the of the 20% deposit meaning they were no longer required to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance, this product saved them thousands of dollars in LMI and gave them instant equity in their property.


There are two basic types of bad credit loans: secured and unsecured.

A bad credit loan generally incurs a higher rate of interest as the lender is willing to take a risk and agree to lend you an amount of money over a term.

If you are committed to repaying the loan and making the repayments on time then this can only be for a short period of time (12-18 months) and by doing this it could increase your chances of refinancing the higher rate loan to a cheaper more affordable loan once you have proven that you can meet your loan commitments.


Are you looking to a leisure asset?

From boats to caravans, motorbikes and jet-skis being out on the water or camping in the outback is an integral part of life for many Australians.

As a result, leisure loans have become a specialised industry, and one which can be difficult for most of the direct banking institutions.

There are secured and personal finance loan options for individuals who want to buy a leisure asset for personal use, commercial loans for ABN Holders who use their assets as part of their business, and all sorts of other credit options in between.

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