In This thread i shall keep an optical eye on every forum that has a HAM section to get every ROM being developed for out device

In This thread i shall keep an optical eye on every forum that has a HAM section to get every ROM being developed for out device

[Stock/Custom ROMs] Huawei Ascend Mate

STOCK ROMs (Android 4.1.X/Emotion UI)

STOCK ROMs (Android 4.2.X/Emotion UI)

Android Os 4.2.2. Presently the Beta Chinese Variation, No Gapps included

For Navigationbar Alternatives Edit this in Build.prop


[UNOFFICIAL][CyanogenMod 10.1 [06/01/2013]

For a download website link please visit surdu_petru’s thread HERE FLASH with TWRP recovery

just how to flash

Utilize TWRP recovery from the ascend P6 forum “credits to surdu_petru” then do as follows a- Download this zip containing some files we need, extract it and duplicate the 4 files within towards the r t of your sd card b- Install Touch healing.apk in the event that you discovered the directions a bit confusing, launch the software then hit “Install Recovery” this will require r t permission, when it done, hit “Reb t into Recovery” c- When in CWM recovery, select “install zip” to see “Touch Recovery” in your exterbal sd card d- Selct “install zip” again and also this time search for “TWRP_01” and “TWRP_02” install them both one at a time. e- Select Reb t System, as s n as the phone reb tsn first you can begin to see the HUAWEI ASCEND logo, then your LED light will turn GREEN so quickly keep pressing “volume+” or “vomule-” til the LED light turns RED f- then flash the zip file if you did everything right you should be now in TWRP 2_ In TWRP recovery, select Install

Just how to Flash

i hv downloaded it. just in case could you be kind to incorporate the method that you flash it by having a guide? many thanks. i read the guide but just in the event someone may wish to ask the question that is same and once again, they’ll have the flashing guide.

i havent install it yet, want to try when i get back. by the way, i revert back again to B221, will it be compatible? i also had downloaded the formal B907 through the russian website but haven’t flash yet. only want to know anybody experiences towards these.

I have used the B907 as well. It is simply a dload on the SDcard and install. That ROM appears to be the one that is best in my opinion. Nonetheless, I possibly couldn’t the hide/show nav buttons to get results. I ended up utilizing Ultimate Dynamic Navbar Lite by Pavel (g gleplaystore) to have the end result.

I’ll probably switch back in to it quickly. I like seniorpeoplemeetВ full site MIUI but, it is not because sm th even though it l ks better; and some things do not work nicely, i.e., voice assistant is in Chinese, MIUI sound player doesn’t work with APEX launcher. things such as that.

This is the way we installed it. You may need to unplug/replug the usb and commence over if it does not read Daemon. simply unplug phone, close bluish/green window and try once again. I was taken by it a number of times.-

Unzip ROM to desktop. Put your usb cable in your personal computer and your phone. Check always I was connected as Huwaei suite option) if it is in debug mode (. If it’sn’t in debug, then head to settings developer options put usb debugging on. Open ROM folder on desktop and press change and dual click flash_all (its a batch file) a demand line screen can l k in blueish/green (it is in Chinese). Just press 1 on your keyboard and press enter (rom) Then press enter again. The phone will shutdown and will immediately will reb t you are getting the Huawei ascend logo design en the files will transfer now wait the device will b t in to the ROM that is new and done (offer it a bit and don’t unplug before the screen appears to be finished).

I have done before and managed to dload back once again to B907 down SD card.

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