Jesus is Faithful (Hosea) Lesson number 7 in exactly what is Jesus Like?

Jesus is Faithful (Hosea) Lesson number 7 in exactly what is Jesus Like?

Once you considercarefully what you would like your kids to master at church, what’s the first thing that pops into the head? We’ve all been there. With therefore truth that is much the Bible where do we begin? You will want to begin in which the Bible begins. No, not always creation, but Jesus.

Who’s Jesus? What exactly is God like? So what does God do?

“The highest technology, the loftiest conjecture, the mightiest philosophy, that may ever engage the eye of a young child of God, could be the title, the type, the individual, the task, the doings, in addition to presence for the great Jesus who he calls daddy.”

Through this a number of 42 classes we’ll be presenting kids to fullness of God’s character one characteristic at a time. Most churched young ones will let you know that Jesus developed the globe, or He rescues their people, and even that Jesus stumbled on planet to save God’s individuals, however the aim of these classes is he is and what it means to worship Him for who He is for them to begin to know more of who.

GENERATION: elementary (many years REQUIRED that is 6-11)TIME moments

This is certainly lesson 7 of 42. inside our research in the characteristics of Gaod called “Can you tell me personally just what Jesus is a lot like?” Go to the series index to look at most of the lessons to get more a few ideas for making use of this curriculum in your children’s ministry.


Bibles, past feature of God posters, a sizable sheet of paper aided by the words Jesus IS FAITHFUL written upon it, key verse (Deuteronomy 7:9) printed on an item of paper, blank paper and markers or colored pencils for every youngster within the team



Ask one of several children into the team to remind you exactly what you’re learning this present year. Remind them that each and every week we’ll be looking at the Bible to respond to issue… “Can you tell me personally exactly what Jesus is much like?” and will also be learning one of many truths that are many Jesus that people see in their Word.

Ask if anybody can keep in mind the 3 truths we’ve learned therefore far. Have actually the young ones remain true and say the characteristics of Jesus and do the motions.


Begin by looking over this memory that is week’s (Deuteronomy 7:9) then asking if anyone within the team can determine the term faithful. Explain that after we state Jesus is faithful that means that Jesus keeps their claims and constantly does just what He states he shall do. Ask a few young ones in the future up and act away exactly what faithful that is being seem like (or exactly what being unfaithful- maybe not keeping claims may appear to be.

After the skit, explain you want to inform them a tale through the Bible which explains God’s faithfulness. Inform the storyline of Hosea in your terms utilising the following outline:

  1. Hosea ended up being a prophet of Jesus during a right time if the individuals of Israel had been specially unfaithful to Jesus.
  2. Jesus had always been faithful to their individuals (as He constantly is), but His individuals weren’t being faithful to Him

they certainly were worshipping false gods and switching their straight back on Jesus.
To be able to show the folks of Israel about God’s faithfulness and their unfaithfulness, Jesus told Hosea to marry a lady known as Gomer who does be faithful to n’t him

an individual who wouldn’t keep her wedding guarantees to him and would keep him to love another guy.

  • Jesus told Hosea that each and every time their spouse left him and broke her claims to him he should just take her straight back and forgive her.
  • Jesus desired Hosea & Gomer’s wedding become an image of God’s love for their individuals. Jesus desired the folks to even see that when they’re unfaithful and follow other gods that he’s always faithful.
  • Over and over repeatedly into the guide of Hosea, Jesus delivers Hosea towards the individuals of Israel to inform them to repent of these unfaithfulness and return to Him. Then, He tells Hosea to share with the folks that he can discipline their unfaithfulness, but he it’s still faithful to their vow to save their individuals and certainly will forgive them once they repent.

    To assist the young ones keep in mind this truth about Jesus, simply take a few mins to define the feature.


    EXPLAIN: Ask…..”How did we come across God being faithful in this tale?”

    Since motions & actions help young ones remember, choose an action for FAITHFUL . A motion that is good be to get across your hands as an indication of making a promise, or shake your neighbor’s hand.

    Then, have actually the youngsters browse the supporting verses to get more proof of God faithful that is being. (Deuteronomy 7:9, 32:4, Psalm 25:10, Psalm 33:4)


    declare: “This week’s memory verse is Deuteronomy 7:9. This verse reminds us that Jesus constantly keeps their claims, that he could be faithful, by reminding us which he has held every one of His claims.” As a combined group show up with a listing of promises that God made and kept within the Bible. (EX: claims which will make Abraham into a great country – the individuals of Israel grew from 1 family members to a complete country is Egypt, He promised to deliver a rescuer and Jesus arrived). Have the children assist you to think about other examples.

    see the memory verse (Deuteronomy 7:9) a times that are few and perform some motion for awesome.


    The reality we come across into the Bible is many of us are just like Hosea’s spouse. Most of us have sinned as they are all unfaithful to Jesus. The storyline of Hosea and their spouse could be the tale of most of us and God. The storyline of this Bible though is the fact that although we remained sinners, Christ passed away for people (Romans 5:8). Browse 1 John 1:8-9. That’s the great news. Jesus promised sometime ago to save their people in which he is faithful and will do exactly what He stated he’d

    in which he fulfills His vow through Jesus.


    Provide each young one a piece that is blank of offer markers or colored pencils. Cause them to become compose your message faithful someplace in the paper and write or draw then one thing to assist them to keep in mind this characteristic of Jesus. They might compose the meaning for faithful or perhaps the memory verse or they might illustrate some of the passages you learn about God faithful that is being. After a few moments, bring the team back together and present children time and energy to share whatever they have actually drawn or written.


    Pray that the children into the group would started to understand Jesus increasingly more each week through this research and that they might figure out how to trust God’s faithfulness within their life comprehending that he can constantly do just what he’s got guaranteed.

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