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Varathane also produces wood putty for patching small holes and touch markers for correcting inconsistencies in the finish. One of the things Varathane is best known for is the fast dry time of their finishes. The Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain for example, can dry within one hour of application.

varathane vs minwax

Just don’t finish your work outdoors, where you can’t control dust, bugs, and other flying finish-ruiners. Water-based polyurethane versions dry much more quickly, are a bit more self-leveling, and have less odor when applying than oil-based versions. On the downside, water-based poly tends to raise the grain of the wood, is susceptible to watermarks, and can be temperamental when applied over some wood stains.

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That’s what I get for typing in a hurry and not re-reading my post. I’m staining, and I don’t have much experience with stain. I’d like to hear your details you mentioned, if you have time.

The next coat of finish still bonds in the pores even though the finish there is rarely scuffed. Using a clean quality brush, apply a thin coat of Polycrylic in Satin finish for protection from food stains and spills. Applying white stain is similar to applying white paint.

Available Product Types For Minwax And Varathane

Urethane resin is definitely harder than acrylic resin, which means it should wear better. But it’s also yellow, so you’ll get a distinct yellow tinge to your fabric. Just a side note, I did Polycrylic over white paint and it yellowed really really bad. I know that Polycrylic is supposed to be better over white paint, but the finish I got wasn’t great. One issue you may encounter is that the stain is diluted by the conditioner. As always, make sure to do a test piece before you apply it to whatever you are working on.

Soak in mineral spirits till its all gone, and while waiting test on scrap to see how it dries. It should dry in the next day but the handle will only be worse to finish and remove the hardener. I would save the wood hardener for sheaths and hard use blade handles. The instructions either way should have a suggested removal remedy. Oil-based polyurethane products tend to yellow with age.

Often a stain underneath takes care of this, but if you aren’t staining, you might want to add a little water-soluble dye to the finish to warm it up. So the best way to speed the drying of water-based finishes, especially in humid conditions, is with airflow or heat. Airflow can be from the draw of the spray booth or from fans. Be sure the air being circulated is clean or you’ll introduce debris into the finish. Though improvements are being made, water-based finishes dry slower than lacquers. Moreover, you don’t have solvents you can add to speed the drying as you do with lacquer.

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So READ THE LABEL and understand the requirements before starting. The pricing of the Dura Seal 1G Satin 310 Polyurethane is fair enough and relatively cheaper although the price tag appears massive compared to others at first glance. This is because this product comes in a one-gallon size whereas its close substitutes come in one-quartz, which is equivalent to one-quarter of the gallon size. The product may require more coats to achieve the advertised potential but this does not bring about an increase in cost. It is ideal for large projects or several small projects because of its increased content.

But really, it’s not so much the stain as it is the wood that I generally use. If you leave any of that stain built up on the surface of the wood, you need to wipe it off or it’ll take a very long time to dry. Just move out all of your furniture, spot sand any scratches if necessary, clean the floor with TSP, add a new coat, and your floors will be good as new. When your project is one that demands quality delivery and time is of the essence, this is a go-to product. The semi-gloss property is guaranteed to improve the appearance of wood that would not depreciate in quality even over time. This polyurethane provides an elegant finish to all wooden furnishings with a scratch-resistant property.

I ordered my products online and paid full price just like anyone else. Its matte design tends to alter the natural wood grain appearance. I would say it is a great product to go for if you seek quality results.

The second method is to let the bubbled finish dry and sand it level before applying another coat. Thin this coat enough with mineral spirits so the bubbles have time to pop out. There are two ways to deal with bubbles that won’t pop out. The first is to wipe off the bubbled coat of finish using a rag dampened with mineral spirits, naphtha or turpentine. You can do this for 15 to 30 minutes after application without a problem. You won’t damage the coat underneath, and you don’t have to get all the polyurethane removed.

varathane vs minwax

In applying polyurethane, one must consider the stroke, direction, and style of application. Wrong or improper application of polyurethane may cause bubbles or brush strokes. Some paints also contain polyurethane for extra smooth and shine.

Easy Application

If you cannot properly ventilate the site, make sure it’s clear of other people without a mask before applying. Use some medium sandpaper (#120 grit paper) and sand the wood if you are going to use a water-based stain. If you are planning to use an oil-based stain, use a slightly heftier grit paper as high as #180.

varathane vs minwax

Many customers do not realize just how dull this finish is, as opposed to the high gloss finish. Some people absolutely LOVE the matte-look, while others just weren’t expecting it to be such a low luster finish. The finish is really up to preference, and is totally an aesthetic choice. The basic difference between each finish is the way in which light is reflected off of it. Rustoleum products are about as common as Minwax, but the Varathane is more of a specialty product, so it’s available in hardware stores.

After sanding it, you can use a product like Minwax’s Sanding Sealer in order to get the wood in proper shape to take a stain. Choosing a stain finish can be tricky, especially consider the amount of options there are. Varathane and Minwax each are known for their variety in colors available.

varathane vs minwax

I love your “new” floors; they really are a much richer color. I think this post is a good explanation of the products you use, one being a tung oil and resin lacquer and the other being plastic. So since Minwax + pine never worked for me, I had to find other options.

Adding acetone to a water-based finish only causes problems. Chemically speaking, polyurethane finishing products are actual repeating chains of polymers that exposed to air become a super hard, transparent material. Although I don’t follow every suggestion of his to the letter, I’ve learned a ton just by reading & reviewing his various publications & internet submissions.

However, the work shouldn’t be enough to deter you from this product. You can find these suggestions in the Varathane product pamphlet. While Zar is quite beautiful, it also offers the durability of your average oil-based polyurethane.

Oils and stains, on the other hand, are appropriate for interior woods that need less protection. Oil-based polyurethane finishes tend to come out more evenly than water-based. They are also more durable than water-based finishes which means oil-based polyurethane needs fewer touch-ups. Both Varathane and Minwax produce several options for both oil and water based stains.

  • Not only does polyurethane not need thinning or a special product to create a better bond to the wood, but it also sands easily on its own without clogging sandpaper.
  • You can try a solvent or scraping to remove most of it.
  • This means that five or six layers should be applied.
  • Being a household name, this polyurethane product is one of the best products out there with maximum durability.
  • When setting up your sprayer, you will need to make sure that you have the right spray tip and setting.
  • As a self proclaimed idiot myself, I feel that I have the authority to write such an aptly titled article.
  • This will deepen the look of the finish and give the piece a ‘glow’, if you like that look.
  • There’s no doubt that Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish is our top waterborne polyurethane product.
  • Plus, they are super easy to apply and dry faster than the oil-based alternatives.
  • Staining wood surfaces offers some protection, but adding one of the following clear finishes as a top coat seals the deal.
  • The finished effect of the polyurethane is the next consideration.

It’s also a suitable finish choice for light woods, such as maple and hickory. Despite its odor and higher toxicity, oil-based polys are slightly more durable and offer much better protection against heat. Water-based polys are more expensive, but dry quickly and do not affect the wood’s color. I want to paint a large area in a cottage and the wood in a natural color just doesn’t blend. Should be noted that while the spar doesn’t have as many fumes during application, the smell will take much longer to cure out than a poly finish.

Without preparing the wood before staining it, you run the risk of having uneven, blotchy patterns. Using Varathane’s Premium Wood Conditioner for example, all you need to do is apply it 30 minutes before the stain of your choice and you are good to go. If you apply Minwax Stainable Wood Filler, let it harden, sand it down, and you can begin staining in no time. If you want a stain and finishing product to take to the wood, it must be prepared. Varathane and Minwax both produce preparation products such as Varathane’s Wood Conditioner or Minwax’s Sanding Sealer. It is generally recommended that you prepare wood by sanding it first.

All stains work on the basis of soaking into the wood, and whitewash stain is no different. You can stain over another stain (water-based over water-based or oil-based over oil-based), but not over wax, polycrylic, varnish or polyurethane. The product is still very quick to dry thanks to its water-base. It is also easy to clean up without the need for tough chemicals. When working with the polyurethane, it is safer thanks to its low level of VOCs and fumes.

Before and between coats , we used tack cloth to make ultra sure that there was no dust on the stairs. Teak oil, Minwax Polyurethane for floors, Varathane Polyurethane in matte, satin, and also triple thick. He didn’t mean to go shake your can of polyurethane.

The published instruction from one author who suggests doing this is to brush one foot every eight seconds and not brush back over. Myths are much more prevalent in finishing than in woodworking because finishes are chemistry, and you can’t always “see” differences in chemistry. For example, polyurethane and lacquer look the same, both in a can and on the wood, even though they have very different characteristics.

To apply thin coats of the finish, you have to dilute the polyurethane to the desired consistency and use a light hand while applying it. The approach of applying multiple thin coats is both cumbersome and time-consuming. But it is the only way that you can impart a professional touch to your wooden surfaces.

A single quart of this product should cover roughly 125 square feet of flooring. You need approximately three coats to get Minwax’s promised durability. The natural wood floor finish enhances the color and grain of all types of hardwood. varathane vs minwax While varnish provides value in its protection against ultraviolet light and natural durability, it is specifically designed for outdoor surfaces. Polyurethane on the other hand, offers durability and flexibility for interior projects.


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